To ensure uniform standards and manage control

Through an extremely comprehensive white paper, the American trial lawyers association, proudly carrying over 20,000 legal practitioners aim to address the growing highway tragedy by calling the federal government to attack this problem and not waste time by starting with a national safety czar that might really end this widespread affliction. In the foreword of the president of the alliance of national trial attorneys in the report, it said that deaths from motor vehicle casualties shall keep rising, with millions or so getting mutilated not unless groups of the government finally act on this petrifying slay.

He bluntly charged it was equipment as undeniable fact that the federal government has no plan to cope with the highway slaughter. He called upon all segments of society, scientists, psychiatrists, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, judges, legislators, insurance and auto industries and the advertising and news media, to contribute their efforts to overcome public apathy.

Similar to what airplanes, trains and ships adhere to, security standards on the maintenance and design of cars are strictly clamored by as the report was harshly critical of the lack of concern for safety on car and tire manufacturer’s part so they wait on the federal government for this. In the white paper report, motor vehicle deaths and tragedies is a seemingly incurable trouble but that is why federal, state and local governments should prioritize finding a solution for this.

Sufficient federal management that will remove the inadequacies in road safety is the bottom line of the trial lawyers’ recommendations. According to the white paper, there is a need for Congress to ratify an act on highway security, thus giving authority to the creation of a National Director of Highway Safety who shall also be entitled to great funds, team and authority.

To ensure uniform standards and manage control, it was proposed that a bureau solely for licensing should be formed. Licensing rules and regulations were found in the report, blaming it on the local political pressures. When the field of licensing was discussed, they proposed that physical and eye examinations were to be made mandatory every 3 years or so, plus raising the minimum age limit for drivers to 18, except for 16 year olds who have all achieved a course in certified drivers education and they also proposed that the photo of the driver be present on his license card and lastly applications should be in the form of avowed statements and affidavits providing strict punishment for instances of false swearing and the like.

Corresponding to the fact that driving under alcohol influence had been found a major root of all fatal motor vehicle accidents 55 percent of the time, a series of cures were outlined. Lowering down to 0.1 per cent when it comes to blood alcohol level, wherein drivers are seen to be under alcohol influence already should be done and if the driver can’t comply, he will have to forego his license as a sanction. Minimum safety standards for cars and tires found in the document states that the government should have a hand even with interstate commerce matters.

Occupants would manage to survive the crash up to 35 miles per hour if only three basic changes would be espoused by all automobiles states the proposition in the white paper document. Impact speeds of 35 miles or below is said to cause accidents 87 percent of the time based on statistics. The uncomplicated fundamental modifications are as follows doors that remain closed in a crash, shoulder harnesses in all automobiles, plus collapsible course plotting placements.

Through the safety committee formed by the American trial lawyers association, they have recommended the following safety measures to be acted on as soon as possible an answer to whiplash injuries by way of padded head supports and safety wheels, inclusion of disc wheel hub bearing suppliers brakes on all wheels with twofold braking scheme, headlights and taillights that are seen from both the front and side areas of the car, cornering lights to illuminate the area in which the car is turning, more use of light body colors, and permanent flashing warning systems, built in the car, for emergencies, hydraulic bumpers to absorb a greater amount of impact plus the elimination of X frames. Due to the fact that not automobile travel state restrictions persist, the association states that it is only fitting that federal government laws be advocated in order to direct minimum tire safety and performance standards and not to forget, uniform tagging that uses very comprehensible language.

People with sleep apnea may show signs of anxiety

A sleep lab patient, Pasadena resident William H. Chapman, was tested after his wife wrote his doctor to express concern about his restless sleep. Chapman, 61, has been a heavy snorer for decades.

“The descriptions of my snoring went from something like a growling bear to a machine that was going to knock down the house,” he said. When he and his son went camping in southern Utah last year, his son asked him to sleep in the truck.

He felt bone-tired during the day, what he describes as “30 years struggling against this weariness that you feel perpetually. No alertness. No get-up-and-go.”

Finally, Chapman spent a night at Torrance Memorial, plugged into the polysomnograph. The test results were startling: He was holding his breath as many as 57 times an hour, each time for 10 to 40 seconds. He would wake repeatedly as he held his breath, meaning that he unknowingly was sleeping only four or five hours a night.

A federal report concluded that while 60 million Americans suffer from apnea, narcolepsy and other chronic sleep problems, the majority are undiagnosed and untreated. Despite its pervasiveness and impact upon the society, sleep-related problems are not recognized as a public health issue.

The most common and severe form, called obstructive sleep apnea, features extremely loud snoring interrupted by pauses and gasps. Breathing stops for 10 seconds or longer, sometimes dozens or even hundreds of times each night.

Most frequently, the airway becomes blocked during sleep due to excessive relaxation of throat muscles. In children, sleep apnea is often the result of enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

People with sleep apnea may show signs of anxiety, depression, irritability, forgetfulness and fatigue during the day. Recent studies have found that sleep apnea sufferers have two to five times as many automobile accidents as people in the general population.

Treatment includes weight reduction (most people with severe sleep apnea are overweight); avoiding alcohol within two hours of bedtime and sleeping drugs; surgery to remove excess tissue at the back of the throat or enlarged tonsils and adenoids; use of a special mask that improves flow of air through nasal passages.

Undergoing surgery or sleeping with a mask clamped to your face may seem like extreme measures just to silence snoring. But if you have sleep apnea, those treatments could save your life.

As awareness of apnea mounts, suspected sufferers are spending their nights under an infrared camera’s watchful eye in hundreds of so-called “sleep labs” across America, sensors dotting their skin and scalp.

Eleven o’clock is “lights out.” At 11:02 sharp, Navarro yawns. A needle swings wildly on a monitor humming softly in the next room. At 11:10 p.m., Navarro turns onto his left side, and a half-dozen needles jerk in response.

This night will be like no other for Navarro, a 32-year-old computer programmer. For the next seven hours, his every breath, movement and heartbeat will be recorded as he spends the night in a sleep disorders laboratory.

He is here because doctors think he suffers from sleep apnea, a disorder marked by loud snoring and interrupted breathing. Once considered relatively obscure, sleep apnea is stirring increased concern among physicians because it can cause severe daytime fatigue, high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems; serious cases can be life-threatening.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that sleep apnea is more common than once believed. The study found that 9% of women and 24% of men had sleep-disordered breathing; 2% of women and 4% of men in the middle-aged work force met the criteria for sleep apnea. That would make undiagnosed wheel hub bearings sleep apnea a major public health burden.

Depending on the severity of the apnea, treatment can include use of a night time face mask or even surgery. There’s a less high-tech approach for those who snore or suffer apnea only while on their backs: sewing a tennis ball in the back of their pajamas tops so they will sleep on their sides instead.

Not surprisingly, roommates and spouses are often the first to spot potential apnea victims. Navarro is a longtime snorer; he can remember his college roommates waking him to request that he tone it down. His wife, Christine, grew worried when she noticed that he sometimes stopped breathing briefly during the night. She learned about sleep apnea from her doctor and urged her husband to get tested.

A video screen shows Navarro dozing peacefully. Pink computer paper moves steadily through the polysomnograph, a machine with 12 needles that records everything from his eye movements to heart contractions.

All night, monitors will record the needles’ black tracks, paying special attention to those measuring Navarro’s breathing. Sleep apnea victims have been known to stop breathing hundreds of times each night.

You would like to lost weight right

Weight loss myths

You would like to lost weight right? It is really very difficult to reduce your weight fully if you dont follow these techniques carefully. You wish to look graceful like actors and actresses. You wish to have a healthy and sexy body with great elegance. You wish to show off your firmness and beauty. You wish to reduce or lose your love handles (spare tire). Here, I show you the myths associated with weight loss exercises and healthy dieting. How you can achieve these things is being analyzed with some in depth research.

Myth number one: You cannot achieve weight loss by simple exercises.

Yes, simple exercises only help you tighten your muscles and strengthen them below the layer of fat, which gets built up anyway.

How to achieve slimness? By doing regular exercises and eating a very good diet.

So, the only way for that graceful curve you desired is healthy dieting. Diet well, eat less thats what I mean to say. Eat less, and you are better off. But never eat less like I ate when I was working in a city away from my home, staying in a hostel. I was eating so less that I would almost have died. My health was going down than building up. I was losing weight without any bit of exercise. So, what I say is you need to eat HEALTHY, but less. And never let your health be down through your eating less. And do regular exercise about half an hour a day. You want to lose your love handles anyway, right, Pal?

For losing your love handles, you have to do the exercises including aerobics, and anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises only help you get tighter muscles. And with a healthy diet, you can lose your spare tire in time.

Belly flesh

Your belly is up? How inelegant it looks, you noticed? How to lose it all and get a great belly. How to get cuttings? I see you shouting Crunches. No, crunches wont help you get a lower belly, but of course you can get a tighter and stronger abdomen.

Myth Number two: Crunches wont flatten your belly.

Yes, no crunch exercise would help you reduce your belly. I assure you. I have done that and have done a million times without any bit of difference. But I dont advise you to leave crunches. It can make your belly muscles tighter and stronger for sure. But you will never notice the firmness of your belly outside, it will still be that old fat belly. So, your aim is not only to make wheel hub unit Manufacturers your muscles tighter, right? You also want to show your slim trim belly to the world. How to do that? Only diet, people, dieting can help you for that with regular exercise as I said earlier, and nothing else.

Myth Number three: Telebrands weight loss shows how much do they help??

I have watched some Telebrands shows, with products like Slim King, or Ab King Pro or something like that. And the people are hoarding to by these products. They order overnight at the shown toll free number and get the products shipped through express delivery the next day. And they start sitting on it, for three minutes daily. And without any results whatsoever. I hope they advertise what is truth. I never saw someone saying about dieting with these exercises. Never have I. But they get a lot of endorsements from the media tycoons and famous fitness experts, film stars and what not.

But it all is for nothing. A very tight scam campaign you could call it. Something that is not true getting brilliant endorsements from many celebrities. Dont buy them, I tell you, dont ever. They are good-for-nothings. They would never help you lose your love handles or your fat belly.

Myth Number four: Spot reduction??

Spot weight reduction?? What is that? I never heard of it. And it doesnt exist either. You cannot reduce your fat or lose your love handles in a matter of days. It takes dedicated exercise for months and months sometimes about one or two years. You have seen Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, you know how long he did dedicated exercise to get to that body? About six months or so. And he wasnt that fat six months ago. Still it took him six months to get to his best shape ever. So, people, spot reduction doesnt exist and if someone says about it, please ignore it. It is never extant.

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Chevrolet was co-founded by Louis Chevrolet

Chevrolet was co-founded by Louis Chevrolet, a race car driver, and William C. Durant. William Durant, founder of General Motors, had been forced out of GM in 1910 and wanted to use Louis Chevrolet’s designs to rebuild his own reputation as a force in the automobile industry. On November 3, 1911, Chevrolet entered the automobile market to compete with the Ford Model T. A year later, the “Classic Six” was introduced. The Classic Six was a five-passenger touring sedan equipped with a 299 in3 (4.9 L), six-cylinder engine capable of taking the car to a top speed of 65 miles per hour (104 km/h).

Chevrolet first used its “bowtie” logo in 1913. This logo is said to have been designed from wallpaper Durant once saw in a French hotel. Reportedly, in 1908, Will Durant detached a small piece and kept it in his wallet, waiting for the day he’d put it to use. The Bowtie became an advertising icon, and is still the marquee of today’s Chevrolet.

In 1916, Chevrolet was profitable enough to allow Durant to buy a majority of shares in GM. After the deal was complete in 1917, Durant was president of General Motors, and Chevrolet was merged into GM, becoming a separate division. In the 1955 model year Chevrolet introduced the small block V8 engine, the most famous and versatile V8 engine ever produced. This engine became a hit with hot rodders and almost overnight became the engine of choice replacing the flathead Ford engine as the hot rodders preferred motor. In 1955 the 265 cubic inch engine was the smallest V8 engine offered by the big three U.S. automakers, however, no other U.S. car could out perform it.

Famous Chevy models include the large and luxurious Impala (1958) and the innovative air-cooled rear-engined Corvair (1960-1969.) Chevrolet had a great influence on the American automobile market during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1963, one out of every ten cars sold in the United States was a Chevrolet.

Now let’s take a peek at the 2007 line up of Chevrolet:

2007 Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevy’s redesigned 2007 Avalanche retains its forebear’s midgate magic, but the entire package has been overhauled as part of GM’s full-size truck platform revamp. Three trim levels are available: LS, LT and LTZ; each can be equipped with rear, or four-wheel drive. At 221 inches long, the Avalanche is about the same length as its predecessor and just an inch short of Chevrolet’s extended-length Suburban. A coil-over-shock independent front suspension replaces the previous torsion bar arrangement. The 5.3-liter V-8 in the four-wheel-drive Avalanche LTZ makes 310 horsepower and 335 pounds-feet of torque. Two-wheel-drive models carry a different version of the engine with slightly higher output, while a 6.0-liter V-8 is optional across the board. All three engines come with a four-speed automatic transmission.

2007 Chevrolet Aveo

Longer, taller and wider than the outgoing Aveo, the new sedan has an all-new exterior and interior design that gives it a more upscale look. LS and LT trim levels will be offered and customers can look forward to a wide range of features, including a two-tone interior color scheme, a radio input jack for iPods, a power sunroof, a six-disc CD changer, and steering wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls. Built to carry five 6-foot-tall adults, the larger Aveo also provides 12.4 cubic feet of trunk space, and that’s before the 60/40-split rear seats are folded down. A 103-horsepower, 16-valve DOHC four-cylinder engine is mated to the Aveo’s standard five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic transmission.

2007 Chevrolet Malibu

In the Malibu, a four-cylinder engine and two V-6s are offered. For 2007, the smaller V-6 gains variable valve timing for an 8 percent power increase. Other changes this year include standard side curtain airbags on all models (they were previously standard only on top-level Malibus), a passenger sensing system for the front airbags and available turn-by-turn directions with GM’s OnStar service. Trim levels include the base LS, as well as the LT and LTZ. Compared with its predecessor, the current version has a slightly wider stance. Mounted on a 106.3-inch wheelbase, the Malibu is 188.3 inches long overall. LS models ride 15-inch tires, the LT gets 16-inchers, and the new LTZ rides on 17-inch rubber. LTZ models feature aluminum wheels.

2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The 2007 TrailBlazer offers a standard 4.2-liter inline-six-cylinder engine as well as an optional 5.3-liter V-8 both working with a four-speed automatic transmission. The wheel hub bearings latter engine includes General Motors’ Active Fuel Management technology, which deactivates four cylinders under light loads such as highway cruising. TrailBlazers come in base LS and step-up LT trim levels. A high-performance SS model packs a sport-tuned suspension and a 6.0-liter V-8 from Chevrolet’s Corvette sports car. The TrailBlazer rides a 113-inch wheelbase and measures 191.8 inches long.

Chevrolet is General Motors’ largest brand currently offering 19 vehicles and many different enhanced versions. The brand’s vehicles range from compact cars to large SUVs.

Traffic is the most popular subject in Internet marketing

Traffic is the most popular subject in Internet marketing.

It doesn’t matter how good your sales copy is, you will eventually live or die by the traffic you generate to your web site.

If you have no traffic, you have no sales. There is no way around it.

So what’s the best way to generate traffic?

Everybody seems to have an opinion on the subject. Everywhere you turn there is another “Startling Discovery” of how to drive millions of visitors your way.

For only $100 you can have 100,000 visitors sent your way…

But the question is…what kind of traffic do you want?

Do you want visitors who just pop-in and pop right out? Or are you looking to attract targeted hungry customers and buyers for your products and services?

Well, if you’re serious about making money, you want real visitors who are ready and willing to buy your products and services.

You’re simply not going to get this kind of visitors by joining the hot “traffic generation” technique of the month.

There always seems to be a NEW thing that everybody jumps on…and you see published in a majority of ezines. People will jump on it this month, tire of it, and then be on to something new next month.

I’ve been doing this business for 7 years now and although things do change quick, I’m still using many of the exact same strategies I did way back when I started.

Some of those techniques are the ones I want to share with you today. These are the techniques which have worked for years, and will continue to work for years to come.

They are not fly-by-night opportunities. They are real…and they can and will generate traffic for you TODAY and for years to come.

They may not be exciting, but they work! And that’s the point of this business. Who cares what’s the most exciting and most talked about? We only care about what earns our business the most profits.

Traffic Method wheel hub unit1 – Joint Ventures

You have a product. You find people who already have the hungry customers you’re seeking.

The most common form of joint venture online is the affiliate program. You set-up the software and you can instantly handle thousands of affiliates selling your products and services for you.

You’ll find that a large number of the people who teach Internet marketing use their affiliate programs as their primary selling tool.

Simply find large ezines or high traffic web sites in your niche market and partner with them.

Offer them a percentage of the profits varying anywhere from 10% to 75% of the selling price. It’s absolutely no risk to you whatsoever, because you don’t spend a penny on marketing until a sale is made.

A good program to use for your affiliate program is here:

Traffic Method #2 – Pay-per-click Search Engines

You don’t pay for traffic with these search engines unless their visitors click on and visit your web site. So you’re paying for real guaranteed highly qualified visitors to your web site.

The # ones I like best are:

The key to using PPC search engines effectively is coming up with hundreds or even thousands of possible keywords. You’re looking for keywords which have decent traffic but very low bids.

You don’t want to be spending $1 or more per visitor if you haven’t tested your web site to produce that kind of income already. So you have to avoid the most popular keywords and find a lot of less used ones.

A great tool for finding keywords fast has recently been developed by one of my coaching clients. It’s awesome. Check it out here:

Traffic Method #3 – Content Web Sites

The poor content web site has been attacked, made fun of, and ignored for years. A content web site is one with lots of content on it including: ebooks, articles, and even a discussion board.

This is the exact opposite type of site from a mini-site. A mini-site is a web site with only a page or two and focuses just on a sales letter. A customer either buys or doesn’t buy. No other choices are offered to them.

The majority of my web sites are designed in this fashion. They are mini-sites and all they contain are a sales letter and order form.

Content sites have a place. They can be used to draw traffic and visitors. People will link to a content site. Search engines will index a content site much easier than they will a sales letter.

All this traffic can be produced for free (although you will do a lot of work to produce the content).

Then you can get these visitors to sign up for an email newsletter OR drive them to your mini-site sales letters. The content site is never the purpose of your business. It is just a traffic generating mechanism that you use to push visitors to your sales letters.

Bonus Traffic Method – Offline Advertising

Print media has been taking a major hit in recent years from a loss of advertising revenue. Advertising in printed publications and through direct mail just isn’t as popular anymore because they weren’t as exciting as the Internet.

That’s changing.

Webmasters are finding out that they can drive qualified buyers to their web sites using offline advertising. And those visitors captured offline are worth much more than their average online surfer.

They’re also discovering that sending postcards and direct mail pieces to their online buyers is resulting in significantly more sales than simply email follow-up alone.

So you make money offline…by driving offline visitors online…and then contacting online buyers offline.